What next after BTech?

BTech, BE, or Bachelors in Engineering is one of the best and popular professional courses you could do after your school education. At that time the confusion was all about which college/university and which branch to choose? But now, towards the end of your four years of a beautiful journey called the Bachelor’s in Engineering, you must be worried about what should be the next step. It must be challenging, especially if you are not able to find a job through campus placements. The current situation is even challenging due to the pandemic (Covid-19) all around.

This world is full of opportunities; you need to utilize this time to upgrade your skills and education. Remember the quote by Benjamin Franklin, ” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. No pandemic or recession can take away your knowledge, but you can use it at the right time, so be fully prepared when the opportunities knock at your doors.

Watch this video for full insight. 

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